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Within a Contingency Plan we have implemented the provisions and established the hygienic-sanitary procedures that will allow the activity to be carried out with the guarantee of minimizing risks.

Guidelines and Recommendations:

  1. In general, the same obligations regarding social distancing measures and the use of individual protection equipment in force in the national territory, which are known, will be observed within the facilities.
  2. The use of a mask is recommended when it is impossible to keep the safety distance.
  3. Posters have been put up in the different spaces and services of the establishment, reminding the general recommendations and specific hygienic aspects to be taken into account by the campers and the staff.
  4. Indicative signs inform the maximum security capacity of the different common spaces, respect shift, distance and hygiene regulations .
  5. To avoid unnecessary crowds, please follow the recommendations indicated by posters, electronic panel or by the staff.
  6. Do not accumulate your trash, remove it frequently, deposit it in the containers in tightly closed bags and proceed to good hand hygiene.
  7. The establishment will take extreme measures of cleaning and disinfection, with special attention to the general areas (toilets, laundry rooms, sinks, fountains, reception, warehouses, terraces, etc.) and to the surfaces and objects that are frequently handled such as cranks, buttons, handrails, controls, switches, taps, tank discharge buttons, air conditioning controls, etc., please facilitate the task for maintenance personnel, who try not to interrupt their mobility.
  8. Sidewalks, walkways, accesses, stairs, containers, landfills, parking lots and in general interior roads of the campsite will be disinfected periodically by spray application of bleach dilution , please facilitate the process and excuse the interference that may occasionally occur.
  9. Before delivering them we will proceed to disinfect or sterilize documentation and keys.
  10. Once cleaned and disinfected, the fixed accommodation (bungalows), prior to their occupation, will undergo a sanitation process.
  11. We have temporarily removed or sealed some spaces, furniture elements, utensils and highly manipulable consumables, whose total hygiene and / or disinfection cannot be guaranteed at all times.
  12. They should contact our staff if they observe any of the symptoms compatible with COVID-19, fever (we have a non-contact thermometer), cough and feeling of shortness of breath, they can also include tiredness, pain, runny nose, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, vomiting.
  13. The non-observance of the general measures, and the specific ones of the establishment here exposed, will give rise to notification to the authority and expulsion.
  14. We request your help so that our staff can apply the measures provided with guarantee, and that they have the effect that we all want.